Bridging Tradition and Future In Design

Neufolk: Bridging Tradition and Future in Design is a journey of innovation and inspiration through an exploration of ideas that emerge from the collective spirit of communities.

‘Neu’ is a moniker for ‘a newcomer’ to an area and ‘folk’ refers to everyday people, reflecting the traditional forms of society. Together, Neufolk pays homage to timeless values as a foundation for the new through themes of innovation rooted in tradition and sustainability, developed by a new generation of ‘People in Design’ – the theme for Singapore Design Week 2024.

The architecture of Marina Central provides a canvas for this journey through a series of programmes that encompass a design pavilion, exhibitions, installations, talks, tours and more.

Neufolk: Bridging Tradition and Future in Design is led by Creative Director Nathan Yong for Marina Central – part of the Marina Design District of Singapore Design Week 2024.